The Rebirth of Kai.

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The Rebirth of Kai. Empty The Rebirth of Kai.

Post by Eyota on Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:01 pm


The Rebirth of Kai. Giphy_zpsrfi3yhbn


Kai was a peaceful pack nested deep within the Tyjok Forest. These wolves kept to themselves. Followed their rules closely, and their religion closer. The Kai wolves were known for their wisdom-- and their close-mindedness to the changing world around them. Over time these wolves grew frail with age, riddled with disease and the elders began to pass away. Younger wolves began to take their predecessor's roles, stepping into titles that had kept Kai operating smoothly for generations. Among this new generation of leaders was a female named Hekat, one who climbed the ranks until finally she reached Beta. The Alpha taught her the ways of Kai. That they should never change. Never falter. Hekat admired the leader dearly, and his passing rested heavy on her shoulders. His passing rested everything on her shoulders. She would have to step into the Alpha position at a mere two and a half years old. The legendary Kai now looking to her.

Time passed and alliances were made to nearby packs, but as the Kai struggled with health, they only watched. They would turn their eyes from their sufferings and tend to their own. Kai's beta was trampled by a bull elk while hunting. Kai's Professor suffering from exhaustion and other injuries. They were short on Medics, and yet these alliances paid no mind to to them. Offered no help. Other packs that refused an alliance lurked far too close to Kai's weakening state. The risk of them being taken advantage of growing with each wolf that became sick. The previous elders of Kai made up more than 60% of the pack, and their loss hit hard. Forcing less experienced wolves into complex roles they weren't exactly ready for. Hekat was growing restless, her heart torn between wanting change and refusing it.

Until one night.


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