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Post by Pietro on Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:27 pm

I'm sick and I'm tired too


Pietro Ruden
4yo (late 20's)


No mate
No pups
Estranged Sibling to Abalastor Ruden
Friends with Eyota, Hekat

I can admit, I am not fireproof


Previously a Medic for Kai Pack
Currently an Esdras for Rohan


Aware of surroundings; always paying attention
Good memory
Strong build

I feel it burning me, I feel it burning you


100% Blind
Deathly afraid of fire
Bumbling and clumsy in new surroundings


Voice Model: Lee Pace
Theme Song: The Beach - The Neighbourhood
Preset: N/A

I hope I don't murder me, I hope I don't burden you


Pietro wasn't always blind. In fact, he was born with two, beautifully colored eyes, one sky blue, the other an earthy brown. His family was ecstatic when he was born, for bi-colored eyes were a rare, and sought-after trait. Pietro's twin brother, Abalastor, was not as fortunate. Born with two mundane eyes, Abalastor was but second to his brother. A hatred burned deep within him. Pietro was never rude to his brother, in fact it was quite the opposite. Pietro loved his brother dearly, and tried desperately to connect with him. But Abalastor's deep seeded pain forced him to shut his brother out.

Two years passed since their birth, and the twins were fine young brutes. Both equal in strength and ability, but still their family flocked to Pietro when the two were around, barely batting an eye at Abalastor. One day, the two were sent out to patrol their beach-side territory. They both padded across the rising tide, their surrounding pitch black, save for a lit torch here and there. The tension between them was boiling, and being the mediator he was, Pietro addressed the subject.

"Abby..." He began, timidly, keeping his head low and unintimidating.

"Don't call me that." His brother's booming voice growled.

"Don't be like that."

"Shut up."

Pietro stopped in his tracks, a concerned and frustrated look on his face. "You can't avoid this, Abalastor. This needs to end." Abalastor stopped as well. His back turned to his much-loved brother. His head was hung and a low growl emitted from the pits of his chest.

"What's so special about you." Abalastor's words stung like venom.

"I didn't ask to be born this way. I didn't ask for everyone to favor me to you." Pietro's voice began to rise. "You know if it were my way, we'd be treated just the same. You know I love-"
"Cut the bullsh*t, Pietro!" Abalastor reared around and snapped, hackles risen and teeth bared. The fire in his eyes was hotter than ever; he was finally pushed to his breaking point. 
"Don't you see that I don't care! I don't give a sh*t! I'm tired of being second! I'm tired of being in your shadow!" 
"Abalastor, plea-"
"NO! No more, Pietro! No more! I'm tired!" Ablastor was going mad with rage, his body was trembling like crazy and his adrenaline was pumping wildly. He glared to his left, his eyes illuminated by the burning torched that faced him. Suddenly, the trembling stopped. It was almost as if he could see the gears turning in his brother's head, because Pietro slowly began to back away. "Abby..." He started quietly. "D-Don't do this.."

"This ends. Tonight..." Abalastor's voice was robotic, as if he were in a trance. In a split second he was after the torch, racing twords it and scooping it up his mouth. Pietro was off too, heading back to their den, to the safety of his family. Though his blindness is quite recent, his clumsiness was not, and he soon found himself tumbling head over heels, kicking up sand as he went. He was on the ground now, his head pounding, and body aching. His ears perked at the heavy padding of feet encroaching upon him, and he instantly remembered what he was running from. Pietro got up as quick as he could, but it wasn't quick enough. Abalastor was upon him, pinning him to the ground with the torch inches from his face. "This ends..now..." His brothers words leaked from his mouth through the torch. Pietro's eyes began to water and he pleaded for his brother to just listen to him, but it was useless. Years of neglect and being put in second place had clouded Abalastor's mind. All he wanted was revenge, and he'd take it out on whoever was in his way. 

Abalastor, without the slightest bit of hesitation, jammed the flames into his brother's eyes, only long enough to scar him and rid him of his 'gift'. Pietro's screams were guttural and terrifying to anyone outside the situation. As Abalastor stepped off his brother, Pietro clawed at his burning flesh, writhing in agony and screaming at the top of his lungs. Abalastor's eyes widened, as if a veil had been lifted and he could finally see what he'd done. The torch fell from his limp jaw and he backed away slowly, trembling once more. But this time he wasn't angry. He could hear barking in the distance. He had to escape. Abalastor ran, ran from his family, his home, his brother, and never looked back.

Pietro spent the rest of his days cooped up in the den or sitting on the beach, staring at nothing but distance. He held nothing against his brother, and everything against his family. Though they'd treated him well, they drove his brother to insanity. Pietro was glad his eyes were gone. 

Like his dear brother, Pietro left his family, and never looked back.

If I do, if I do

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