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General Characteristics

Name: Sariel
Pronunciation: ( Say – ree – eL )
Name Origin: A Judaic archangel of either protection or merciful death.
Name Meaning: “God's Command”

Age: 2 ½ Years
Species: Red Wolf
Gender: Male
Scent: Pine nettles. He rolls in them often to disguise his scent when scouting.
Voice: Soft, often whispered, and slightly ragged from disuse.

Sexual Characteristics

Orientation: Bisexual, with a preference for males.

First Love: N/A
Love Interests: N/A
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A

Personal Characteristics

Personality Type: ISFJ-A “The Defender”
Positive Traits: Supportive, reliable, observant, patient, hard-working, loyal, & practical.
Negative Traits: Reluctant, overly humble, introverted, vengeful, over-working, & too alturistic.

Social Characteristics

Dominance: Sariel sees little point in bluster, acting only when pressed and rarely for the sake of showing off or putting someone in their place. The way he sees it, if someone acts better or badder than they are, they'll pay the price for it and Sariel won't have to bother saying he told them so. They'll know. They'll hopefully learn.

Ego: He's an incredible humble wolf and takes advice well. He has no problem, however in correcting others when he knows he is in the right. If they don't take it well, he knows to back down, but he's not prone to forgetfulness. He remembers slights against him.

Emotional Stability: Sariel is a generally stable wolf, calm and quiet, unmoved in most things. He does have a marked weakness when it comes to darker times. His mood can easily tank into a mournful melancholy and make him less likely to talk and more likely to wander farther and farther from the pack in search of isolation in which to ground himself in.

Humor: Sariel's sense of humor is an odd thing. Dry humor and rough sarcasm are well-used and well-appreciated by the solemn wolf. More often than not he doesn't bother to voice what exactly has him chuckling quietly in the background.

Patience: This wolf has the patience of a saint. His steady personality leads to an iron willpower when it comes to dealing with others, no matter their age, rank, or intentions. Even the most grievous of offenders are treated calmly and with hope for a better outcome. This does not, however, mean that he approves or will forget a trespass against him or his pack.

Intrapersonal Connections

Allegiance: The Wolves of Rohan.
Allies: His packmates one and all, whether they see the same or not.
Enemies: Any threat to his or his own.

Immediate Family: Sariel, having been born outside the pack to a small family unit left when he came of age. He is estranged from whatever family he may have, though not on bad terms.
Ancestors: Sariel actually received his name from a family ancestor whose story is told to the ill or the injured. The Sariel of old was a patient healer who, when faced with those that could not be saved, had a gift for easing them quietly away. An angel of death of a sort. Merciful and kind. The young pup earned the name of his ancestor for a remarkably similar personality.

Friends: TBA
Rivals: TBA
Subordinates: TBA
Enemies: TBA


Strengths: Outwitting and out-waiting his opponents. Sariel's patience and agility have led to the development of a whittling method of fighting. He waits and waits, side-stepping and parrying until his opponents are exhausted. Should a fight seem impossible, his lean frame and swift legs can carry him far from danger... and sometimes leading his enemies right into the jaws of his packmates.

Weaknesses: Sariel is a very lean wolf, made for speed and evasion. He cannot take many hits or much punishment. He's especially vulnerable when cornered or with limited mobility. His penchant for showing mercy is also a glaring weakness, as kind as it makes him, as some enemies will make use of his reluctance to kill without need.

Threat Level: Low to moderate generally, but he can become incredibly lethal in more treacherous terrain where his maneuverability makes him deadly.


Personal: TBA

Social: TBA

Physical: TBA

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