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E Y O T A | V E N E T T E

[Eh-oh-day] [Ven-et]

Three Years.
Interested in: SCREAMS
4.0 Ft at Shoulder.

"Even the mind of the stubborn wolf is malleable to an extent. It's formed by teachings and pain. Joy and loss. Even the untouchable are frail."

Devoted member of Rohan.
Previous Professor of the Kai pack.
Current Rank: Iaeiros [RIII]
Aspires to be: "Useful. Wanted."

Guide to: Hekat and many others.
Students Include: Kanji - Cullen - Silver

"And they may say they need no help. That they want nothing more than to do this by themselves, and they go on with their lives."

Eyota is a wolf of many talents when it comes to her field of expertise. Whether it be her organization skills, level head or her uncanny ability to drill into the minds of her pack. Her voice is a mid-tone wash-- and it's range streatches to a stern command to a hushed coo and she carefully adjusts it to aid her point. She adores her pack, and she'll risk her very life to keep them safe. Her compassion is hidden under a seemingly rigid composure-- but once she sees someone is worth her time, she'll begin to unravel. Slowly.

She feels she's almost overqualified for her rank at times, but as soon as pride begins to seep in, life in the pack will quickly knock her down. So, she remains humble, learning her lesson over time. Maybe. She has a lot to say about others, to others and with others-- but when it comes to herself, she'd rather stay silent. Her personal insecurities or qualms are deeply buried within her unbreakable posture. Others seem to forget Eyota has her own issues simply because she's the pack councilor, but in all honestly she is one of the ones with the most weight on her shoulders. She doesn't cry much, even to herself, as she views it as a outward sign of weakness.

Her work is her everything, and sometimes she neglects her fellow members thanks to her overwhelming amount of work. She'll be buried in her studies and often times not hear her name being called. She meticulously picks through her scrolls and documents, organizing them by age/topic. If they were to be messed up-- Let's just say things won't go well for whoever caused it. Hekat knows this well. Too well.

"They'll go and suffer from the pain that they refuse to deal with. Silently. Why? Well... Sometimes wolves who go through the most pain.."

"They may not have a scar on their body.."

Eyota is an abnormally large timber wolf, her bloodline bred to be slender and strong. Her pelt is a dusted silver, her eyes a ravishing gold. Her markings are somewhat unique, their story untold though they frame her very face. Drape across her back. Her ears are a bit long, rounded on the very ends to give her an almost regal look as they sit high atop her head. Her muzzle is thin, as elegant as the voice that flows out of it. The only truly odd thing besides her height is what adorns her nose. A round pair of silver-rimmed glasses she found in a small chest in her once vacant Office back in Kai. The lenses are a bit aged, but they seem to help her read. Less headaches during countless hours of studying Lore.

"So they bleed soundlessly to themselves. Not bothering to ask for help for they think they're unsalvageable. They think they're okay."

The Venette bloodline was to be feared among others. They were known for their barbaric ways, tucked behind beautiful bodies. They at times bred within their families to keep traits they wanted. One of these traits being the legendary "battle helm" marking that coated their faces. Eyota branched from this bloodline, carrying this name. These markings. A prized female among her litter. Favored for her size and beauty. She was young when they began her training, relentless and brutal as it was. She was only a year old when her first murder was accomplished. A sign of power within her pack. Eyota rose above her brothers and sisters, fueled by her praise. Her parent's encouragement.

Five murders later. Innocent lives taken for practice. An uneasy feeling churned in her stomach as she looked upon the smaller dame that coughed up gruesome chunks of loosed skin, the thickness of their blood apparent as it pooled in the back of her throat. The gurgling was unholy-- violently sputtering before dying to a sluggish simmer. Stopping completely now. "Good work." The booming voice of her father thundered from behind, his figure appearing in her peripherals as she gazed down at her sixth kill. It was a unsightly display, and she took a step back as the puddle of scarlet threatened to touch her feet. "Yeah.. thanks dad." No... this wasn't right.

A week passed and she had now reached two and a half. Breeding age. Her and her sister of the same age lay lazily under 'their' tree, each gazing off into the distance as they chatted about anything and everything. "So, Eyo," Venah began, her olive eyes growing mischievous as they flickered towards her sister a few feet away, "Who do you think you'll be matched with?" Ah, Matching. The season where eligible females would be matched with a male. Eyota was popular among the males there, but.. none caught her eye. Not one. "Hm?" Eyo rested her head across her paws, ears swaying to the side. She had been eyeing a tan wolf, her attention completely captured. Her name was Ura. One of the scouts the Venette was training. She was.. absolutely stunning, and the shock that shook her bones when she looked her direction sent her looking quickly to her sister. "Oh.. me?" Matching season. Eugh. "I don't know.. hopefully not Warren." Dipshit Warren. Ven burst out laughing, rolling her eyes. "I'm just lucky if I get picked."

Three days passed. She refused every male who offered themselves. Her father was not pleased.

Eyota lay motionless under the tree. Eyes hazed as they locked onto the paper. It was a scroll she fetched from the archives, reading about the ways of her pack and how things should be. Her eyes narrowed as she continued reading. No. Nothing felt right. Not her position in the pack. Not her lifestyle. Her heart longed for rest. For peace she never got. Blood she no longer wanted to shed. Her father could be heard nearing her now, his boisterous laugh crackling across the camp. He had another job for her. Eyo felt her insides cringe as he spoke. Told about a pack they were raiding this afternoon. "No." She said. "I'm not doing this anymore."

This didn't go well for her. Knocked to the ground by a father's shoulder, she would be verbally lashed until she was reduced to tears. Weakness. She had no brutal escape from her Hell. No high speed chase. Simply the loss that came with leaving her sisters. The realization she didn't fit in.

And so she ran. For months she ran. Where she would end up was unknown to her

And then she found Kai.


"Miss Eyota-- how come you know so much about these wolves?"


Hekat - "I don't understand you, and yet I understand everything about you. I care for your well-being... why can't you see that?"

Pietro- "You're a mess. I like you. Thank you for keeping us in line, where would we be without you? Dead.. probably. Yes."

Crow- "I hope you get better. Both inside and out."

Kuris- "You're so strong. Wise. You keep us highers in order-- when things get messy. A respectable Beta, without doubt."

Kanji- "You have such a strength about you. A heart of gold under all that anger. You'll be okay... I'll make sure of it."

Roren- "A sweet soul. Respectable young wolf."

Cullen- "Oh Cullen, my partner in crime. My little helper. I care for you dearly, and I'm eager to see you grow."

Victoria- "Proper little thing-- isn't she?"

Nyx- ".... Watch yourself, coywolf. I will for sure."


"I am one."


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