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Post by Eyota on Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:00 pm

- T H E - P A T H - H O M E -


"Once you realize it's yours-- you realize you have the power to change it. So change it."

"I want... to move the pack. To start over again..."

"Then do it."

The Main Plot. 3440-The-Wolf-Pack_zpsx26efu7c


The wolves of Rohan have taken up the mantle of wanderers because they have grown weary of being in constant conflict with other packs; It was slowly wearing them down, so in the interest of preserving her wolves, Hekat decided to lead them on a journey. According to Eyota, her most trusted adviser, there was a land far from the cliffs they called home-where her pack could have more than just a temporary peace. But the trek there would be long and treacherous. Not for the faint of heart. Some wolves will lose faith and get lost along the way; But the rest have to keep going.

In the face of adversity, the Wolves of Rohan will travel the higher path, until they reach their new home. But in the back of their minds, they will wonder if what they gained justifies what they lost along the way. They will question if this is all worth it. The peace the pack held before now crumbling as the harsh conditions pick at their brains. Ashes to ashes-- Friends to foes. Love to loss.

Once a proud pack of Tyjok Forest is now rendered nomatic, searching for a safer place to call home. It's rumored that a valley, lush and full of life, is just around the corner. Unfortunatly, the roaming wolves will find that many trials, loss and harsh biomes separate them from their paradise. Blistering deserts. Dry Savannah. Lack of food. Water.... their once proud stride deteriorated to mere limping as they press onward. Steadily onward on their path.

So if you walk the path with Rohan...

will you survive?


"Please... go on without me.."

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