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Post by Eyota on Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:59 pm


1.  LITERACY. Please try to be as literate as possible! We know Feral Heart does not have a spellcheck, but please try to avoid as much grammar and spelling mistakes as you can. Please make at least three sentences per post.

2. YOU ARE ALLOWED TWO CHARACTERS. But please keep in mind you have to play BOTH of them equally with the exception of certain situations that would require a specific character. If we see one is being neglected, we will ask you to remove them.

3. CHARACTER DEATHS. You must ask permission before your character dies. This may be odd to you, but we don’t want character counts fluctuating with no explanation. This can appear as inactiveness if someone randomly stops coming online. Unless the situation is absurd, you will most likely be approved.


5. DO NOT GOD-MOD UNDER ANY CERCUMSTANCES. Your character is not a god, and this will not be tolerated. Combat will be written as constant ATTEMPTS, which are moves you aren’t sure will land—and you MUST acknowledge your opponents’ hits as well. Keep in mind your character’s skills in comparison to your opponents!

6. REALISM. This is a semi-realistic style role play, but in terms of colours please try to keep them as realistic as possible. Any markings of your choice are allowed.

7. OUTSIDERS. Lone wolves will be treated with respect and caution, without promoting violence if you are to be the one to attack.
If you are bothered by someone else in the map that is not part of our group, please treat them with respect. If they are disrespecting you, gently direct them about their actions and block them. If you don’t know how to block someone, just ask someone in the group or a staff member and they will tell you how.

8. RESPECT RANKS WHEN ROLEPLAYING! While roleplaying, each character’s ranks apply. You must treat higher ranks with respect, or there are consequences. Omegas will often be ignored, and disrespect towards an omega often goes unpunished. WHEN OOC, CHARACTER RANKS NO LONGER APPLY. TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT OUTSIDE OF ROLEPLAY, REGARDLESS OF IC RANK!


Thank you! - The Council

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