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Post by Eyota on Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:57 pm


1. WE HAVE A THREE STRIKE SYSTEM. Three strikes, and you’re out. In special cases, it will take even less, because we want a healthy and save environment for everyone in the group.

2. PLEASE KEEP OOC DRAMA AS MINIMAL AS POSSIBLE. If it becomes a problem and something seems to be affecting your ability to roleplay, please speak to a member of the staff.

3. STAY ACTIVE! If you know you are going to be away, please tell a staff member or report to the ABSENT thread. Please be on as much as you can, and let us know if your time zone may influence your activity.

4. DON’T MINI-MOD. We have staff members for a reason. Please don’t call on other people and/or threaten them for strikes or bands. If there’s a situation, please screenshot it and send it to a moderator or an admin and let them take care of it.

5. INFORM. Please inform a member of the staff for major plot changes (pregnancy, death, etc.)

6. NO BULLYING. We take bullying very seriously, and it is not tolerated EVER. If you see someone being bullied, take screenshots and send them to a staff member.

7. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SWEAR. But if someone asks you to tone it down, then that is what you will do. Please try to keep swearing as MINIMAL AS POSSIBLE.

8. BE NICE! No need to be mean to people. Everyone is here to have fun and enjoy themselves!

9. DO NOT COMPLAIN THAT YOU ARE BORED. Seriously, if you're bored-- find something to do. Be creative.

10. Participate and be a team player. The rp is built on us working together  IC and out, and if you can't do that, you will get a warning, and possibly be banned.

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