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L O W - Base Tier  Giphy_zpsty0kmidh

I. IOB-[RO] The wolves in the pack, who are being punished have this rank.  Omegas are banned from doing their former duties till they make up for their mistakes, or their punishment ends. They might also be instructed to do all the tedious duties, by any higher ranking wolves, like babysit pups when the Delta is away, or fetch things for the healer, or clean the camp. "Hated and Oppressed."

Elders are wolves over the age of 8. They are formidable because they have a lot of experience, but time has started to wear them down so they might not be able to do all the things they used too. "Favor and Grace."

Trainees are young wolves who want to earn a higher rank, and seek training for it. Trainees report to the Professor first and foremost, to learn what it means to be a wolf of Rohan. And after graduating from her class they seek out the field they want: Sentry, healer or Scout-and they shadow someone till they are experienced enough to handle their duties alone. "Dawn."

Pups are any wolves under the age of one. They have no duties, but are under the care of the Delta or the omega if they have no parents. "Life."

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