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~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Basic Information*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name:Sinhalite Cometella (Sin-ha-light Come-tell-ah)
Age: Unknown but very young
Scent: Pine forest, Lilac, and a hint of Cherry Blossoms. Sweet scent.
Nickname(s)/alternate name(s): Sin (more to be added as she interacts with others)
Voice/Accent: Thick but understandable Russian sounding accent. Soft, silky voice that sounds slightly like Lucy's from the anime Fairy Tail
Likes: Food, Nature, Sleep, Summber, Spring, Fall, cuddling with friends, and friends.
Dislikes: Rain, Cold weather, Winter, Loud noises.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Pack Information*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Current pack: Rohan
Previous pack: N/A abandoned.
Current Rank: Trainee (To be updated)
Wanted Rank: Warrior or medic however shes still exploring her options. Shes unsure.
Past Rank: Loner
Future Ranks: That's in the future and it can not be predicted. Dunno.
Teacher: Not yet assigned. (Will be updated.)
Loyal to: Hekat and higher ranks.
Pack Territory: Tyjok forest, currently. (will be updated. Since they will be on the move soon.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Social and Family Information*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mother: Silvia(adopted)
Father: Ajax (adopted
Siblings: Nethren(adopted brother) Carsen(adopted sister)
Friends: TBA (to be announced)
Ally's/Acquaintances: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Reacts with others how/Social capabilities: Sinhalite is rather shy, and quiet. She's an observer, and tends to keep to herself. She's an introvert, however she does make an effort to befriend others. Though shes shy, and quiet, she is not easily intimidated. She's mores-so, the quiet dangerous type. If you are nice to her, shes nice to you. However if you cross her in anyway shes not afraid to get revenge, or make you an enemy. She usually listens to friends, and offers the best advice she can offer.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Mental state/Physical traits*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mental Health: She suffers from PTSD, Anxiety, and depression. 70% of the time, she is fine. Other 30% She suffered from depressive mental breakdowns, bad flashbacks/night terrors, or anxiety attacks.
Build: Slim and skinny, small frame, medium height.(when older.)
Sinhalite has a dark brown pelt, almost black with snow white underfur. She has extremely light brown markings, and her mane color is a cream-like color. She has light brown under her eyes, and a darker brown on top of her eyes. Her eyes are a lime green color and look bright emerald in certain lights. She's always see wearing three bracelets made of a tan rope like substance, along with a aquamarine necklace and light gray feathers tucked behind/in her ear fluff. She also has a long scar crossing over her left eye, and a long scar going along her left fore-arm. Her ear is torn, and she also is seen with two scars along her muzzle.
Personality: Shy and quiet, honest. When spoken to she's polite. Shes not afraid to stick up for herself, or her friends. She's a feisty little gall, and has some sass to her. Shes not easily intimidated, and always plans things out as thoroughly as she can. While she likes to keep to herself, and avoid others due to her mental problems, she does occasionally try to make friends. When in a fight, she doesn't back down easily and can choose to fight to the death if needed, or if ordered to. She's loyal, and rather blunt when it comes to saying her opinion or saying whats on her mind.
Physical Health: Though her physical health fluctuates usually she is as healthy as a horse. She is clumsy however, so she usually tends to run into things or fall off of things and get scrapes and bruises.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Relationships/Mate interests*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, shes still unsure.
Eyes follow: Silver
Heart aches for: No one
Soulmate to: No one
Mated to: No one
Offspring: N/A


I open my eyes and look around. I see no one. I hear no one. I scent no one. "Where has everyone gone.." I thought to myself getting to my wobbly paws. My vision, and my hearing still not the best I look around. I let out a few desperate cries, but no one answers.  All I hear are the songs of birds outside the tree's hollow. All I smell, is the damn and wet foliage from last nights rain. Confused, and panicked I clumsily run outside of the hollow tree's trunk. Glancing around, everything's so big, so intimidating. I look up at the trees above my head, squinting at the harsh light that assaults my emerald eyes. I let out more desperate cries. "Hewwo?! Is anybody dere?! Pwease answer me!!" I yelp and cry, waiting for a reply. Anything, even a growl would help. I could feel my eyes start to water as tears fell from my eyes I look around. There was one thing I knew; I was alone. I was forgotten. No family to call my own any longer, and no home for me to be welcomed back to.
    I walked for what seemed like months, but in reality it was only 6 days. I have been without sleep. Without food, and only an occasional sip of water from a puddle or stream I'd come along. Panting, exhausted and about to give up I collapsed by a big rock that seemed to be surrounded by tall purple flowers, I think my mother once called them heathers.. I'd stare at them, and look around helplessly waiting for death to claim me. To take me away from this wretched place. However, I could soon hear paw-steps in the distance. They got closer and closer, and there were voices too. They seemed to be speaking in hush tones, but I couldn't tell if it was because they were just being silent, or if it was because of the blackness that was starting to edge my vision. I could soon see three blurry tall figures in front of me, and a loud intake o breath. A sigh, or gasp maybe? I was to out of it to know. I soon felt teeth dig into my scruff and it hurt slightly, which caused me to yelp out in protest and struggle with whatever strength I had left. I heard a calming, soft tone and it relaxed me slightly...there was something about it that seemed safe. Giving in, darkness soon engulfed me, and all I could hope was that I'd survive.
    I was unsure how long I had been out when I felt a tongue rasping along my side to my cheek. I opened my eyes slowly, and winced at the harsh light that seemed to burn them out of my skull. Whimpering I took my paws and covered my eyes, rubbing at them furiously. I hear a small, soft chuckle and i jumped at the sudden noise. It seemed loud, but not. It was scary, but also comforting. Unsure how to feel I finally opened my bright green orbs and let them adjust to the suns rays. I looked over and saw a bright russet colored canine in front of me. They were laying on their side and seemed to have two smaller bundles of fur nestled into it's side. One was a cream color, the other a soft golden color. Confused I tilted my head to the side and stared at the two bundles as their sides rose and fell softly with each breath. "Easy little one. You're safe. This is your home now. You can call me mother if you wish. These two here, are Nethren and Carsen" she woofed her voice was soft, and comforting. Nodding I approached the female carefully and laid by her side yawning as I heard my stomach grumble. Looking around for food the female I was next to fell to her side revealing six teets that smelled of milk. Licking my lips I took hold of one and began to nurse, taking in the warm tasty liquid I hadn't had in days.

A long while had passed and I had been staying with this pack for a few weeks now. I had made great friends with Nethren and Carsen and enjoyed their company quite a lot. Everyone was welcoming. It felt like I had a home again! However it would be like this for much longer...
  It was winter, and the air was brisk and nipped at my nose and pawpads as I trudged along in the deep snow after the russet colored female, who I had come to find out her name was Silvia. I jumped from one paw hole to another trying to keep up in the deep snow. Our pack was suffering, we were low on food and sickness was tearing through the wolves of the Pine Ridge pack. Many had already died, Including my brother and sister...My god...I miss them so much.. Panting I could see my mother was slowing down. She had caught the sickness not to long ago, and we were heading to the nearest pack for help.
  Panting I noticed that up ahead there were more figures, larger then my mothers. Much larger, there frame was bulky, and built. They seemed healthy and well fed compared to my my mothers frail, skinny one. Her once bright russet fur, now had a dull orange-red look to it. I could hear snarls of the others up ahead and I was confused to why they sounded so harsh, so aggressive. Fear soon took hold of me causing me to speed up and try to catch up with my mother to try and see what was going on, however when I got there.... I saw my mother, lying in the snow a pool of red staining the snow around her. I stood there, horrified my eyes wide as my body shook. "What happened!? Why did this happen? Right when I had found a home again?! They killed her!! We were only looking for help!" I wasn't sure how to get anything out. I wanted to say so much, but all I could manage was a strangled cry as I ran to my mothers side my white paws stained red in her blood. I nuzzled my muzzle into her fur tears brimming my emerald eyes as I shut them and snuggled closer to her, breathing deeply before looking back up. The wolves in front of me looked horrified, guilty even. They looked to each other and then attempted to approach me, but I backed up as quickly as I could. "No! This is your fault!" I screeched more out of anger then sadness now. I wasn't even half their size, but I lunged at them.
    Taken aback they stood there frozen with shock. There were four wolves in all, three males and a female. I had jumped at a brute with a silver gray pelt and dark blue-black markings. I managed to reach the males ear and I clamped on tightly digging my teeth deep into his flesh. I could taste a tangy metallic liquid enter my mouth and it tasted horrible but I refused to let go. My eyes were shut tightly as I had dug my front paws claws into the sides of his head trying to get a better grip as he shook his head, shaking me like a rag-doll. He had brought a paw up trying to swat me off, and it raked my left side of my face wounding my close eye. I still held on tight, even though I was in pain. I was just so angry! Next thing I knew I was torn off by the female, a fawn color with brown markings as she threw me easily into a tree, as if I were a piece of prey. Her tearing me off didn't come without a price of coarse, because once I caught my breath I shakily got to my paws and spit out a chunk of the brutes ear.  She had grabbed my front forearm causing a long some-what deep scratch to form there. Wincing as I attempted to step forward I looked up to see them lunging for me. "Shit! I gotta get out of her!" I looked to my moms body once more the grief filling me as my eyes filled with tears once more as I turned tail and ran.
   I had jumped into some thorn bushes had scratches and thorns all along my body. Frustrated growls escaped my muzzle as I finally exploded from the labyrinth of thorns. I continued to run as fast as I could away from the scene leaving a trail of blood spatters behind me. "Gotta keep going. Keep running. Never look back. Never." I told myself still crying as I ran.


I ran that day. Ran as fast as I could, and what am I left with? Nothing. Grunting I let out a pained sigh as I looked to my foreleg at my reopened scar. It had never really healed properly, and seemed to be slightly infected for it hurt to walk. It hadn't stopped bleeding for a while and I was getting worried. "Why...Why does it have to always remind me how how weak I was?" I thought as I traveled the territory looking for shelter, food, herbs, anything that could help me. Tired, and in to much pain to go on I collapsed unable to walk any further with my wound. "Right when everything seems peaceful and fine...Life catches up an screws you over. Whats the point of living like this? No Sin!! Stop thinking like that..You're still so young come on!" I thought and attempted to walk once more, only to fail.


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