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(Insert Photo of Silver here at a later date)
~Just Basics~
Name: Silver Ginto (pronounced with a hard "G", Filipino for Gold)
Gender: Most Likely Male
Age: Unknown beyond "Young"
Nicknames: Come up with one when you meet him and I'll add it
Scent: Pine trees and river water
Voice: Soft with a slight Brittish accent. Many think he has a wonderful voice.

~~Pack Information~~
Current Pack: Wolves of Rohan
Previous Pack: Kai Pack
Current Rank: Trainee (here soon)
Past Rank(s): Loner
Future Ranks: Dunno yet.
Desired Rank: Dunno.
Teacher: (will update when this is given)
Primarily Follows: Hekat and the other higher ranking members of Kai Pack

Mother: Icarus
Father: Fenrir
Sister(s): Unknown
Brother(s): Unknown
Friends: Cullen, Hekat, Eyota
Acquaintances: Kanji
Enemies: None yet
Social Capabilities: Awkward. He is timid and soft spoken, easy to intimidate. However, if you're nice to him, he's a great person to talk to or even just to listen when you need to get something off your chest.

~~~~Mental/Physical Traits~~~~
Build: Skinny (eventually) tall.
Appearance: Silver primary coat and underbelly with a darker blue-grey over coat (his markings) and dazzling crystal-blue eyes.
Personality: Shy and easy to intimidate, but friendly and caring. He'd do just about anything to protect a friend, even if it meant putting himself at risk to do it. Tries to be nice to everyone unless they're mean to him first. Then he'll pretty much ignore them as best he can. Will very easily beat himself up over negative insults from others.
Mental Health: 95%
Physical Health: In constant state of fluctuation, but around 75% at least.
Visible Scars/Injuries: Small tear in his left ear.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual to the max
Crush: None
Dating: None
Mated to: None
Father of: None

Opinions of others:
Hekat: You are very brave and I'm so glad you let me join your pack on this trip. I'll do everything I can to help!
Cullen: Only one of my best friends! I'm so glad I met you Cullen!
Eyota: You are a very nice wolf to me. You have a motherly feeling to you and I'm glad to know you.
Kanji: You're just a ball of bad temper, aren't you? But I'll find a way to make a friend of you yet.
Kuris: You seem very kind. A little strange, but kind. I want to get to know you more.
Sinhalite: Are you alright? Maybe we can talk and get to know eachother some more.
Nyx: You're kinda strange... I won't bother you at night again...

Theme Song:

Back Story: Will add later.


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