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C O R E - Medium Tier Giphy_zpsvjmy0ycf

I. PHILE-[RDE]-Delta wolves keep peace in the pack. They are the highest of the midranks, and in the event that the Alpha or Beta isn't online they keep things going until they return. Delta's are also the resident guardians of the pack. They look after the pups, and make sure they are well taken care of. "To Love."

The fighters, brawlers, and warriors have this rank. They report to the Head sentry, and are often training to protect the pack. They are the best fighters, and are willing to lay down their lives for the pack. "To brandish a Weapon."

III. ESDRAS-[RHE]-The wolves with the most medical knowledge and experience have this rank. They are responsible for healing injuries, diseases, and training young wolves who wish to heal. They are also allowed to send virtually any wolf in the pack to go collect herbs, or to borrow a warrior to accompany them to get ingredients they need. "Help."

-The fastest wolves. They are report to the Head Scout, and are responsible for patrolling, stealth missions to investigate the terrain ahead of the pack, and hunting.  They are also the ones that keep watch over the pack, and patrol the area when everyone else is asleep. "Quick-Shifting."

V. XENE-[RLO]-Loners are self explanatory. They are rankless wolves outside of the pack. And will be treated with caution. "Stranger/Foreigner."

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