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Hekat Shavar

Gender: Dame
Age: 3 years
Breed: Red Wolf
Is drawn to: Females  
Is interested in: DEATH
Is mated to: No dame
Holds the rank of: Alekto (Alpha)
Devoted to: Rohan
Aspires to: Lead her wolves to a new home, despite the trials they face daily.

"You're not the same as you used to be. You're one of my wolves; and no one will fault you for your past here."

Personality: Hekat is young and will inevitably make lots of mistakes. She is stubborn and while she doesn't believe in using violence to solve most of her problems, she has no problem showing her dominance in other ways. She has a knack for reading wolves, and will use mental warfare if necessary to get the results she wants. But most days, she is content to gently nudge the pack in the right direction; and if she feels out of her depth, she looks to Eyota for guidance. But those days are few and far in between. Pride prevents her from voicing her concerns, if the problem is personal. She doesn't want to burden anyone; In her mind, it doesn't make sense for an Alpha to ask someone else to shoulder her burden.

Her predecessor taught her to be vigilant and kind. So as a general rule, she tries to be patient. And understanding. Her pack means the world to her, and she feels personally responsible for every wolf in her care. She will go to great lengths to help anyone who needs it, and that extends to wolves outside the pack too. She has a terrible habit of taking in strays because she has a soft spot for the hungry and the downtrodden. When she isn't absorbed in her duties overseeing the pack, or enlisting others to join, one might see rare glimpses of her acting like the youth she is.

There are rare occasions, when she forgets the responsibility she carries, and lets herself play around. But only with people she trusts unequivocally; that side of herself is reserved for her closest friends. So only a select few know it exists. Most others will know her for her dry sense of humor, and her regal demeanor. And just as her playful side is hidden beneath her mask, so is the ferocity she was bred with. Hekat doesn't advertise her combat abilities, because she knows the less anyone knows, the less they will be able to counter.

But she lets hints of her skill bleed through when it's required because she's always ready to defend her pack. A l w a y s.

"I did all of that because I care about you and this pack. I don't give a damn about anything else."

Hekat is  the obvious runt of her litter, and her pelt is a deep auburn flecked with hints of gold. She's a true red wolf, and has all the traits of one. Large ears that seem too big for her skull. Slender paws, and legs. Her muzzle is broad-built for deep menacing snarls that one wouldn't expect from a wolf her size. And eyes are  a bright cerulean. Her only defining accessories are the metal bands that adorn her front limbs that had been passed down to her from the previous Alpha. They are special to her. And she never takes them off.

Hekat hails from the desert. Her memories of home are mostly of dust storms and starvation. Her original pack was always short on food, and other resources. It wore her down as a puppy, and acquainted her with true misery, and what it felt like to have death constantly hovering over you. In truth death was her legacy, because her birth wasn't even supposed to happen. She was met with disdain from the moment she opened her eyes. The pack didn't want another mouth to feed. Her father didn't believe she was going to survive, and wanted to end her suffering before it began.

"She's a runt. It would be kind to kill her now."

Her mother, a fierce dame known as Sya, snarled. Clicking her teeth together in warning to keep her mate away.

"She is my blood. Your blood. Her first day in this world won't be her last." It was a promise. Her mother's resolve. And it carried into the weeks that followed. When Hekat was old enough to walk-old enough to run, her mother decided to begin her training. Every day was some new lesson in pain. Frequently, the pup would limp to bed. Too tired to suckle. Too beaten down to explore. Her mother was a merciless taskmaster, forcing Hekat to keep going till her muscles trembled with exhaustion, and the only thing she was cognizant of was her heart beating in her ears and her breath coming in quick shaky pants. This went on for months. Drilling into the young wolf that pain was just a message your brain was sending. That hunger was just a reminder that you were alive. And that survival was only for the strong.

Sya wanted Hekat to be the strongest. So as the food got scarce, and her mate watched from afar, the young dame's lessons became bloody. Training Exercises turned into real battles where Hekat just wanted the pain to stop. On one such occasion, she'd been driven past her breaking point, and blood was streaming down her face. Trickling down her sides. Pooling to the ground beneath her paws.  Her mother was across from her, teeth bared. And Hekat felt a low whimper escape her throat. Quivering she lowered to the ground submissively hoping the action would satisfy her mother, but Sya only grew more aggravated.

"No. Anyone else in this pack is allowed to submit. But not you. GET UP." The words were a warning; and Hekat struggled to listen, rising to her paws shakily after a moment despite the exhaustion weighing her limbs down."Good... Good. Never show your belly again. You're my blood. You will fight as long as you have breath in your lungs."

It was a lesson in endurance that Hekat took seriously. She wasn't allowed to back down. She wasn't allowed to surrender. After she was weaned, her new found strength served her well because food had become so scarce, pack members were turning against each other. They fought for every scrap of food they came across, even the bones, and Hekat was always in the middle of it. She fought wolves bigger than her for a meal that didn't even scratch the surface of her hunger. She fought, and she won. Time and time again-till her pelt reeked of the blood of her packmates. And most gave her a wide berth. All but one. A young wolf by the name of Roan. He shared food with her, and made a life of constant struggle seem lighter. And he was the one that told her the Alpha's had decided on a new course of action since the prey had run out.

"They're going to take one wolf from every family, and use them as food."

It was horrifying. Hekat couldn't verbalize her shock, but it must have showed on her face, because the brute gave her light lick on the cheek, that did nothing to stop the chill racing down her spine. Wolves eating wolves seemed like the punchline to a bad joke but no one was laughing. "Hek, you have to run."


"Your family will pick you. They will always pick you cuz-"

"They never wanted a runt in the first place." She finished the sentence for him. A bitter feeling arising in her chest. She had come so far. Endured hell for the sake of becoming something better, something more than a disappointment. And they would still turn her over to be food for the pack. It was too much. She rose to her paws, her glare boring into the ground. She wouldn't stay for this. She didn't owe this pack her life. OR her death. Roan was the only one she said goodbye too. He was the only one that cared. And he was the only one she missed as she ran. Far from her pack. Far from the desert she called home.

She didn't stop running until she ended up in a forest.

Tyjok Forest.

And encountered the leader of the Kai pack.

"I can teach you another way to survive." He promised, and the words soothed an ache she didn't know she had.

Hekat resolved to learn everything he head to teach. And one day she would inherit his legacy. His pack. And the Wolves of Kai would become the Wolves of Rohan under her leadership.


Eyota- "Ever since we left Tyjok, I feel inadequate standing next to you; I was supposed to make you proud, and now I can't even look you in the eye."

Silver- "I am so sorry. I never should have hurt you."

Kuris-"You've always been there when the pack needs you and I trust you with my life. I couldn't ask for a better beta."

Cullen- "I miss you kid.."

Kanji- "I think you're my favorite. You have a big heart under that porcupine exterior."

Sariel- "I'm eternally grateful to you. You've helped the pack through hard times."

Crow- "One day We'll see eye to eye again. Things will get better."

Pietro- "Thanks. Just thanks for not letting us die."

Sin- "You're a cute kid. And you'll do great things one day."

Nyx: "I'm willing to put aside our...Unfortunate meeting aside because we have bigger problems."

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