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| C R O W  D E V E R |

| B a s i c s |
Perks Audits to Crow
Genitalia Proves Female
Walked Earth For 3.4 Years
Sexuality Proves Heterosexual
Thrives with Rohan
Sired By Hiren (Deceased)
Damed By Gaunty (Deceased)

| Relationships |

Calls Hekat, Kuris, Eyota, Mao, And Cullen Friends
Glances Twice at Kuris
Heart Flutters around Kuris
Forever Devoted To Kuris
Called Mother by no ankle biters
Heart broken by no idiots
Growls around no idiot

| Physicals |

Height is unknown
Weight is around 53 pounds
Width is unknown
Light brown pelt
tan underbelly
Purple Eyes
Cream Markings

| Personality |

Likes grass, leaves, snow, water, swimming, spiders, rain
Dislikes heat, being angry, being roasted, being alone, being left out
Brave, Sweet, EXTREMELY sensitive, caring, loving, depressed
Crow can be many things, but mostly she like to take care of people, and like to talk. She takes time to make a relationship with someone, just to get to know them, making new friends is one thing she loves to do.

| Backstory |

Crow was born into a small family of 4. 2 parents, and 1 brother. Her family was made up of the omegas, and never really given any attention. She always found herself getting beaten up by other ranks, and ignored by her family. She spent most of her time training, until she felt the need to leave the pack. She felt honestly rejected, and heartbroken. Despite her family paying no attention to her, she still loved them with all her heart. She left the pack 2 years ago at the age of 14 months old. Having no knowledge of how to live on her own, she tried to find a pack to live in. No pack would accept her for her stubbornness to leave the pack. She was attacked multiple times by those un-pitiful bastards who call themselves alpha's. She struggled, and didn't have a place to go. Regretful on leaving her family behind, trying to find a better life. Yet nothing seemed to come her way; and with that, she tried self-harm. Depression came over her, and wouldn't go away. No matter what. She had anger, sticking to her like glue.. The only way to fix that problem was to kill. She killed almost everything in her way, including a male ram, taking it's skull and wearing it as a prize of confidence and strength.

She continued to kill, and found herself attacking animals in a pack's territory. Kai pack's to be specific. She first spotted Hekat, and found her as a threat. Running away for several days, yet coming back without knowledge, only for food. Hekat saw the hatred in her, and the pain that she had. She invited her into the pack with much pity for the strong female. Crow was hesitant at first, but saw how much this meant to her. A place to stay, for once in her life after all the regret. What a miracle. She accepted, after thinking, and felt shut out from the pack. She was an outcast, among the rest, notorious for attacking, and getting attacked. Hekat saw the strength in her, and how much she could put that to use with everything she had. She wasn't like most wolves, she was a special one. She placed her as beta, and Crow took it seriously. She saw this as the light, at the end of the tunnel.. An escape from the never ending hell life of hers.. She finally felt.. Good about herself..

Life was finally coming to a turn for her, she felt good, she felt like she was turning over her life of attacking, for one of happiness, and peace. But slowly. Things were better for her, she began to make new friends, and quickly. Learning not every wolf is a threat to her. Life was great.. And still is for her. She learned not everything will be perfect in life. Things go up and down in a heart beat.. Who knows what will happen next..?

| Pack Relationships |

Thrives alongside Wolves Of Rohan
Currently holding the rank of Beta
Aiming for nothing at the moment
Is loyal to Hekat
Thrusts 3 wolves in the pack
Dislikes no wolf in the pack

| Health |

Is Currently wounded
Is not ill
Is not expecting
Has no permanent issues
Showing no signs of unusual behavior

| Family |

Sired By Hired
Father Status: Deceased (Illness)
Damed By Gaunty
Mother Status: Deceased (Battle)
Siblings to an unknown Male
Sibling status: ??

| Dear Friends.. |

Hekat - "I thank you for everything that has ever happened in my life.. You made me see the better in life.."
Kuris - "You stole my heart from day 1. You've done so much for me already, i can't thank you enough.."
Eyota - "Things didn't start off well, but you made me feel better about myself. You comforted me.."

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