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Post by Kanji on Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:58 pm

||:K a n j i - A u e:||
"...Snitches get Stitches..."

-Carries the Genitals of Masculine-
-Claims to be One Year and Three Months Old-
-Born With the Species Called Canis lupus-
-Specific Breed is Unknown-
-Intoxicates the Air With the Scent of Death-
-Words Intoned With the American English-
-Burdened With the Issues of Miscommunication, Mixed Emotions, Aggression, and Horrible Eye Sight-
-Personality Restrains Cruel, Heartless, Intelligent, Mysterious, Quiet, Vicious, Reserved Traits-
Strength - 7/10  "Improvement..."
Stamina - 8/10  "Perfect..."
Speed - 7/10  "Honorable..."
Swimming - 5/10  "Distasteful..."
Hunting - 6/10  "Legitimate..."
Knowledge  - 3/10  "Horrible..."

-Runs With Rohan-
-Previous Ranks of Pup-
-Currently Holds the Rank of Trainee-
-Under the Teachings of Kuris Keel-
-Strives for the Rank of Sentry-
-Loyalty Lies Within Hekat Shavar-

-Swings Towards No Specific Gender-
-Eyeing No Current Being-
-Heart Aches to be With No Current Being-
-Devotes Self to No Current Being-
-Claims to be Lover of No Current Being-
-Claimed to be No Current Being's Significant Other-
-Predecessor of No Wailing Brats-

-Considers No One as a Friend-
-Has no Best Friend(s)-
-Gives Trust to No Deserving Creature-
-Bares Fangs at Everything That Moves-
|Hates|Dislikes|Unsure|Neutral|Friend(s)|Best Friend(s)|Trusts|Respects|Crush|Lover|
Roren Aue - "My brother... A friend...? I think not."
Eyota Venette - "Annoying... Cruel... Why did I have to get such a horrible teacher?"
Hekat Shavar - "Huh... Calls herself an Alpha? I would make a much better leader..."

-Remarks Deceased Mother's Name, Elisa Aue-
-Disregards Deceased Father's Name, Nix Aue-
-Half Brother of Roren Aue-

-Murmurs to the Song of Wires by The Neighbourhood-

((Backstory Still Being Thought of))

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