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Post by Eyota on Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:42 pm

H I G H - Upper Tier Giphy_zps9i47ny8t


I. ALEKTO- [RV]- Alpha wolves lead the pack. They make the laws everyone must adhere to, and are the most dominant wolves. They also make all major pack decisions, and have the power to banish, execute, or promote wolves as they see fit. "Unceasing."

II. STELIOS-[RIV]- Beta wolves are second in charge. They take control of the pack when the Alpha isn't present, and have the power to punish insubordinate wolves. Their word carries alot of weight, and they can delegate orders to the pack in the same manner an Alpha would. "Pillar/Support."

III. IAEIROS-[RIII]-The Professor is a special rank that is granted to the wolf with wisdom beyond their years. The Professor serves as a teacher to young wolves in need of guidance, and as an adviser to the pack. They are also responsible for the pack's Lore and history. "Whom God Enlightens."

IV. SABAOTH-[RII]- The Head Sentry is responsible for taking young wolves and molding them into true warriors. They institute training regimes, and spars, and build fighting units to keep the pack safe. They are the first ones to enter a skirmish, and the first ones to report to the Alpha if a large force is needed to fight. "Lord of the Armies."

V. HADES-[RI]-The Head Scout is responsible for organizing patrols while the pack is sleeping, and sending wolves to scout ahead when the pack is traveling. They only accept the fastest wolves into their ranks, and also take on the responsibility of organizing hunts for the pack. "Unseen."

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